TrilliumTraining.com is an online education and training company offering customized e-learning courses and training development.

Using proven technologies and instructional design methods, TrilliumTraining.com works with time-tested and proven software to facilitate virtual classrooms utilizing both asynchronous and synchronous learning methodologies. This includes: 24/7 online learning for students, real-time video conferencing and white-boarding tools, and easy-to-use student management for organizations.

Our mission is to use technology to enhance student learning outcomes. To achieve this, we work with a team of Linkonlearning experts, ranging from teachers, subject matter experts, instructional design and online education and training software specialists. With over 14 years of experience, our expert team is able to match organizations with the right e-learning solution.

Research proves that when technology is used effectively, students outperform their peers who do not have access to the benefits that e-learning has to offer. TrilliumTraining.com makes it possible for organizations to use quality e-learning cost effectively and easily.

Responsible for the growth and vision of TrilliumTraining.com, Joel ensures that organizations and students receive the online education and training solutions they need. He is a proven business manager, with over 15 years business experience including a background in business development, focusing on long-term relationships with clients.

An exceptional leader, Joel works closely with experts to build dedicated service teams that deliver quality education and training programs. With a wealth of industry experience, Joel and his team are here to help: Expanding your Horizons.

Previously, Joel was a managing partner at Lawton Leasing and Sales, a company focused on business development and financing within the automotive industry.

Joel holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Ryerson University, and is a member of the Linkonlearning Educator's Network. In his spare time, he is also an active member of the community and has been involved in local community organizations including the Newmarket Minor Hockey Association and Newmarket Minor Ball Hockey League.

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